Commercial Trucking Accident Lawyers

Commercial Trucking Accident Lawyers

Truck drivers are often operating their vehicles while drowsy as their work shifts call for long hours on the open road. As we recently reported on our Truck Accident Lawyers Blog, the driver of a fuel tanker was killed in an accident with a tractor-trailer. Police are investigating the accident and questioning whether or not the driver was asleep at the wheel.truck accident attorneys

Our truck accident attorneys understand the risks that drowsy drivers pose to the safety of all motorists on our roadways. Drivers of passenger vehicles are more at risk in these types of accidents as they’re the ones who are more commonly seriously injured or killed in the event of an accident with a large truck.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports more than 3,000 motorists were killed, and 64,000 were injured, in accidents involving these large commercial trucks in 2008. Less than one-fourth of the injury or fatality victims were in the tractor-trailers at the time of the accident.

In an effort to reduce the risk of an accident with a drowsy truck driver, the National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) requests that the American Trucking Associations advise companies to equip their commercial vehicles with automated and tamperproof on-board recording devices, which track driving hours and compliance with hours-of-service rules. The government is also moving to make such recorders mandatory for most over-the-road trucks.

According to an article in Automotive Discovery, a driver alertness warning and lane departure warning system is now available to truck drivers through the SafeTraK3. This device can help to warn truck drivers about the unintentional departure from their lane. It also has the ability to detect erratic driving in any one lane. Experts agree that fatigue and drowsiness are two of the biggest risk factors for commercial trucking accidents. Systems like the SafeTraK3 could be installed in all large trucks, and eventually in passenger cars, to help reduce the risks of a drowsy driving accident.

The AAA Foundation offers these safety tips to help drivers stay awake at the wheel to “Drive Alert…Arrive Alive”:

-Make sure you get enough sleep the night before. If you’ve got a trip planned that involves a significant amount of driving, be sure to prepare yourself for the trip by getting enough sleep in the days leading up to the trip.

-Avoid driving when you’re sleepy. If you feel the effects of drowsiness at the wheel, you should pull over, take a break or get a hotel room to catch up on your rest.18 wheeler accident lawyers

-Schedule a break. It is recommended that you drive no longer than 2 hours, or every 100 miles, before stopping and taking a break.

-Travel with a passenger. When you’re traveling with another passenger, be sure to take turns driving as the other passenger catches up on rest. This will cut your personal driving time in half.

Make sure you listen to your biological clock while operating a motor vehicle. Nighttime is a very risky time for drivers as sleep can be seemingly irresistible. This urge most commonly occurs between midnight and 6 a.m. This is the time when drivers are most likely to be involved in a sleep-related accident. The second most common time for the occurrence of a drowsy driving accident is during the “afternoon lull” or between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.

If you are involved in a trucking accident, contact our accident lawyers for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your rights.

Great Advice To Use To Get Rid Of Your Pests

Great Advice To Use To Get Rid Of Your Pests

Many people have pests in their homes at some point. Educate yourself about pest control and different efficient methods to get rid of the kind of pests you are dealing with. With the correct information, you can keep your home free of pests.

You can utilize traps with a sticky substance to catch brown recluse spiders. These poisonous spiders hide in deep recesses that are difficult to reach with chemicals. At night, they come out of their hiding spots so they can search for food. Good places to put these traps are behind furniture and along baseboards.pest control

Seal off any cracks or openings in your home. Use a good caulking material and be thorough. Oftentimes, these openings can be a great entrance for pests that seek to enter your home. Getting them sealed will block pests from getting inside.

Do you have a problem with rodents invading your home? Always look at your home’s exterior to find small cracks and openings. Fill cracks with clean scouring pads and/or place a small amount of rat poison in there. Sometimes mustard oil or one other repellent can work.

Do not use rat or mouse poison if you have pets in your home. Even if you do not think they will get into the poison they might eat a rat that has poison in it. Not only is bad for your pets, it is extremely bad if there are children present. Kids may think the pellet is candy.

Outdoor lights attract bugs. These lights should be further from your home’s entrance. You will also cut back if you use a different colored light.

If you have a rodent problem, remember that they will eat just about anything. Little bits of meat, peanut butter, and any foods that have a strong smell will be good bait for traps. In addition, a spoiled food item will also work, so if you are needing to eliminate spoiled food, this can be a great way of doing so.

Try to involve those that live by you in your pest control efforts. If your home is close to your neighbor’s they probably will run into the same issues. If you rid yourself of them but your neighbors don’t, they will inevitably find their way back in your house. Have your neighbors help you so all of you can enjoy living in homes without pests.

Deal with beehive or wasp nest problems after dark. Homeowners can remove these hives alone using spray foam from a hardware shop. These foams can safely kill bees from a distance. The best time to spray the beehive is nighttime when the bees have less activity. After you spray, keep an eye on the hive and spray it again if you need to. When you’re sure all the bees are gone, then you can take the hive down.

Ask your neighbors for advice. If you’ve got issues with mice, your neighbors may have the same issue. You may find that your neighbor has come up with some solutions that you haven’t yet considered. It is also helpful to let them know in case they weren’t aware of the issue yet.

Spiders are one of the better pests to have within the home because they are most likely feeding on other, smaller pests. To reduce this possibility, dust and vacuum often. That way, the bugs won’t get a chance to reproduce.

Have you discovered carpenter ants? If so, then they almost always mean that you have a bigger problem. They only like to eat wet wood, so that means you can have an issue with leaks and potentially wood rot in your home. So, when you see carpenter ants around your home, call in an expert to find out what the problem is.


Pest Control on yellow sticky note pinned with red pushpin on corkboard.

If you have termites, get a good termiticide. You may choose from chemicals meant to kill the termites and those intended to repel termites. No matter what type you choose, it is applied around your house’s foundation. It takes a lot of the insecticide to work.

If you believe you may have a termite infestation, examine the wood within your foundation. If they’re affected, you don’t have termites. The termites only eat the soft part of the wood, not the rings. If the rings are there, then you have a serious termite problem in your house.

If rodents have you worried, take a look at the yard. Don’t let these critters have a happy living space. To make your yard unwelcoming remove any debris as well as tall weeds and bushes. Mow your grass regularly, and buy a trash can with a lid that locks tightly. These simple steps will keep most rodents away.

Destroy your ant problem by tracking them back to their source. Their entryway to your home has to be discovered. Once found, there are a number of home remedies available to you to ensure that they don’t use this entrance again. Chemicals you can try include coffee grounds, lemon juice, cinnamon, citrus oil and cayenne pepper.

A pesticide is a great way to control pests, but make sure it is safe to use. Follow the directions. Some might require cooler temperatures, low wind or dry conditions to work properly. Whenever you are working with pesticides you want to always keep your safety in mind.

No one wants to think about possible microscopic bugs crawling in their bed and other particular living areas. It can be helpful to eliminate dust-mites, even if you are not allergic to them. Launder sheets and pillowcases in very hot water once per week and use solid pillow covers.

To manage a bee infestation, you must call in an exterminator. It is not easy to figure out whether the bee is from an Africanized colony; trying to learn the species’ differences can pose a risk to your health.

As was mentioned earlier, nearly all homeowners must deal with pest issues at one point or another. Apply the knowledge you have gained from this article to help you avoid getting unwanted pests in your home. Don’t waste another minute, start immediately!

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Do You Have The right Insurance For Your Needs

The insurance industry is thriving. While people struggle with the economic downturn, insurance companies are proliferating and making it big in the market. What do you need to do to get a fair share from the booming industry and take back some of their earnings? How will you do this? To put it simply, avoid over-insuring yourself.Insurance coverage

With the hype that insurance companies and products are bundled in, you would have no difficulty getting insurance, which in reality you can do without,. It may be because you have failed to read the fine print of the terms and conditions of the policy or you may be a little more anxious of your needs thus, over-estimating it. Whatever is the reason, here are some important things you can take up to avoid insurance that you do not really need.

Yearly review of policies – This is very important since there are a lot of things that can happen in a year that vastly affect the insurance you are paying for. For instance, your children might have reached the age where they are not covered anymore, you might have sold or given away some things which you have included in the home insurance policy. In addition, you might be paying for coverage which you don’t need until you are old and gray, which could be many years away. When you add up the differences that you obtain by making notice of these details, you might end up with substantial savings.

Thoroughly assess and review new package plans – Several insurance companies offer insurance in bundles geared towards particular groups of people. For most people, this can be timesaving since they do not have to do a lot of assessment and choosing, doing away with all the confusion of finding the appropriate policy for your specific needs. However, these packages can also add things, which you do not need, thus making you pay for items that you can do without. You need to pay attention to the fine print, to ensure that you do obtain the most suitable option for your needs. Before you make the final informed decision, you need to review the inclusions as well as the exclusions of the policy.

Gauge the implicated hazards –Insurance companies thrive by offering protection for the risk you or your business represent. If you want to reduce the premiums you pay for insurance, you must reduce the risk you or your business will confront. For instance, you are planning to start a small business. Ensure that you will not set it up in a flood-prone area or other disaster-prone places so that you do not need to get flood insurance coverage. You can prevent paying for an insurance policy you do not need by pre-assessing the risk involved in your insurance

Have clear-cut needs. – Before getting a quote or purchasing an insurance policy, you need to ensure that you know what your specific needs are. Ensuring that you are clear about your needs will enable you to get the appropriate policy without paying for other coverage or attributes that you can do without.

Get professional help – when you are confused and do not really understand how insurance works, you can turn to professionals for advice on this matter. A professional, like an Insurance broker, knows his business and will be able to help you understand the policies that might be beneficial to you.

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